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The company had used an Excel file for inventory control in several areas. They also utilized software that included a SQL database, which in turn was connected with the inventory data. Consider that the Sale system cannot handle inventory management because of using a special method for their inventory control. That's why the better choice would be to do the calculations in Excel. The company also needs to create a periodic summary report which involves a lot of manual work; first, they need to extract the data from the SQL server using queries, then proceed to combine the extracted data with Excel tables and finally, create a clear summary report.

What Is Power Query and What Does It Do?

Power Query is the Microsoft Data Connectivity and Data Preparation technology. In other words, a power query can use many resources as data, and create desired tables or reports. The Power query saves your scenario as a query, and you can use that every time you want by one click.

Power Query Solutions

We have used this technology to prepare a summary report in this inventory solution project. The summary report should represent data about each area like sales, cost, size, remaining inventory, etc. Because the data is stored over multiple tables (separated by locations), and there is no way to use pivot tables and similar tools to create reports, we decided to use a power query method to enact that. The data from the SQL server should also be considered in this report.

Finally, this report can match data from several tables in an Excel file with the SQL sales table. This report is saved as a query, and the client can simply use it by only one click. On the other hand, the report is very flexible, which allows the client to change, filter, and customize the report with ease.


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  • Reduce the time for creating the report
  • Flexible report
  • Low Excel file size
  • Save scenarios



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