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Are you familiar with Microsoft Access? It’s a powerful tool that helps businesses manage and organize data. But to truly harness its capabilities, you need experts by your side. That’s where we come in.
The beauty of Microsoft Access lies in its adaptability. Our team, brimming with seasoned professionals, stands ready to help you design, develop, and optimize custom Access databases. These are not just any databases – they are tailored precisely to your unique business requirements.

Our Microsoft Access Consulting Services

You deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver. Our Microsoft Access Consulting Services are tailor-made for your success. Experience precision, clarity, and efficiency with us. Every service ensures your data works harder and smarter for you. Here’s how we can assist you

Expert Consultation

Evaluating your operations? Let us help decide if Microsoft Access aligns perfectly with your unique business needs and strategic objectives.

Regular Access Updates

Stay ahead with our services. We ensure you’re equipped with the latest tools, offering enhanced features and top-notch security for your data.

Hands-on Team Training

Empower your team. With our tailored training, they’ll harness Microsoft Access’s full potential, increasing productivity and operational excellence.

Database Model Enhancement

Optimize your data landscape. We seamlessly convert data models into efficient Microsoft Access Applications, ensuring precision and performance.

Effortless Data Migration

Transition data smoothly, and reliably. Our methods reduce risks of data corruption and compatibility issues, ensuring data integrity and streamlined processes.

Tailored Access Customization

Your business is unique. We craft custom reports and forms, catering to individual needs, from detailed accounting to comprehensive warehouse management.

Detailed Database Analysis

Delve deep into your data. By analyzing your database structure and flow, we bring forth and rectify potential performance issues for optimal results.

Dynamic Reporting Dashboards

Make data-driven decisions. Our dashboards visualize data from SQL Server and Dataverse, facilitating insights and strategic actions.

Seamless System Integration

Integrate, don’t isolate. Connect Microsoft Access with other Microsoft tools, CRMs, and accounting packages for a unified, efficient system.

Informed Business Intelligence

Uncover the story behind your data. We transform complex data sets into actionable insights, enhancing decision-making and business strategies.

Why Microsoft Access Consulting

In a world filled with data, make yours work for you. When it comes to managing your data, you want the best. So, why should you consider Microsoft Access consulting? Let’s break it down for you:

How Can You Use Our Microsoft Access Consulting Services?

You might be wondering how to use our Microsoft Access consulting services. No worries! Using our services is as easy as pie. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you get started:

  1. 1/10 - Understand Your Needs

    Begin by pinpointing what you want from your data system. What are your goals? What problems are you trying to solve?

  2. 2/10 - Reach Out To Us

    Our team collaborates with you to precisely define your Microsoft Word needs, including automation, formatting, and troubleshooting specifics.

  3. 3/10 - Collaborate on a Plan

    Together, we'll map out a plan tailored to your requirements. Your insights will be invaluable in shaping the strategy.

  4. 4/10 - Customize Your System

    Enjoy a system that fits like a glove. We'll modify Microsoft Access to meet your unique business needs, ensuring it's just right.

  5. 5/10 - Training and Guidance

    We'll show you the ropes. Learn how to make the most of your new system with our easy-to-follow training sessions.

  6. 6/10 - Ongoing Support

    Questions or concerns? We're always a call away. Whether you need minor tweaks or have bigger queries, we're here to help.

  7. 7/10 - Evolve and Expand

    As your business grows, your needs might change. We're here to adapt your system, ensuring it serves you well at every stage.

  8. 8/10 - Feedback Loop

    We value your feedback. Let us know how things are going, and we'll make any necessary adjustments to enhance your experience.

What Can You Expect from Our Team

Navigating the world of database management can be daunting. When you choose our team, you’re investing in expertise, dedication, and top-tier solutions. So, when you work with our team, what can you expect? Let’s break it down

Innovative Database Solutions
Experience state-of-the-art solutions tailored to boost efficiency and streamline your operations.
Competitive Pricing
Enjoy top-notch services at rates that ensure value for your investment, without breaking the bank.
On-going Team Support
Count on our dedicated team to guide, assist, and answer any queries, anytime you need.
Flexible Access
Discuss your needs in person or online for adaptable and convenient database access options.
Prompt Quality Service
Expect timely responses and unparalleled service quality every time you engage with us.
Microsoft Database Mastery
Benefit from our deep expertise and high skills in Microsoft database development for reliable outcomes.
Safe Data Migration
Transition data seamlessly with minimized risks, ensuring its integrity and reliability.
Tailored Problem Solutions
We diagnose precisely and craft solutions specifically targeting the challenges you face.
Versatile Strategies
Witness the fusion of adaptable strategies, smart automation, and results that exceed expectations.
Aesthetic User Interface
Engage with interfaces that are not just functional but also pleasing to the eye and intuitive to use.
Rigorous Testing
Every solution undergoes thorough testing, ensuring you receive a product free from glitches.
Best Design Practices
We adhere strictly to industry-leading database design practices, ensuring optimal performance.
All-in-One Solutions
Often, one well-crafted solution is all you need. We aim to get it right the first time.

The Process of Our Microsoft Access Consulting Services

When you decide to work with us, we promise a smooth journey from start to finish. You’re probably wondering what steps we take to ensure the success of your project. Let’s walk you through it

1. Requirement Analysis

First off, we listen to you. By understanding your needs, we ensure that the solutions we offer align perfectly with your business objectives.

2. Planning & Design

Here, we sketch out a roadmap. We craft designs tailored to your specifications, ensuring they’re intuitive and user-friendly.

3. Development

With a clear plan in place, our expert developers roll up their sleeves. They’ll build your Microsoft Access solution, making sure it’s efficient and robust.

4. Quality Assurance

Beyond development, we rigorously test every feature, ensuring flawless performance and meeting the highest industry standards.

5. Launch and Support

The big moment arrives! We deploy your solution. And remember, we’re always here to offer support, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Some of the Industries & Departments We Serve

Our team of developers possesses expertise across a range of industries. Whether you’re a budding startup or an established enterprise, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Here’s a glimpse of the industries we cater to:


Boost your production line! We optimize inventory tracking, streamline processes, and ensure real-time data access for agile manufacturing decisions.

Computer Software

We design Microsoft Access solutions that integrate seamlessly with software platforms, enhancing functionality and user experience.


Say goodbye to messy ledgers. We build systems that simplify financial data entry, reporting, and auditing, ensuring precision every time.


We assist governmental bodies in managing large datasets, ensuring secure, organized, and easily retrievable civic data.


Championing sustainability! We craft databases for environmental projects, tracking changes, and supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

Health Care

From patient records to appointment schedules, we develop tailored databases to enhance healthcare management and patient care.


Perfect for store managers! Track inventory, sales, and customer preferences with our bespoke retail solutions.

Service Industry

Keep your clients happy! Manage appointments, feedback, and service records efficiently with our specialized databases.

Inventory Management

Say no to stock-outs or overstocking. Our solutions give you real-time inventory status, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Information Technology and Services

We streamline IT operations, enhancing data storage, retrieval, and processing for more efficient and innovative digital solutions.

Cities & Location

Wherever you are, our team is there for you. Our Microsoft Access consulting services span across the globe, ensuring you receive top-tier database solutions no matter your location. We’re proud to have a footprint in major cities, dedicated to helping businesses transform digitally.

what our clients say about BSUPERIOR?

I have been working with BSUPERIOR team on various projects over the last 4 years. It started with a complex mathematical problem and a simple spreadsheet. Their team always surprises me with their skills and passion for their work. They really work hard to ensure projects meet the business criteria and solve the business problems they need to. I will continue working with them to improve the business systems of our company.

Eugen Klein, Managing Broker (Royal LePage Sussex Klein Group)

Working with Sajad and his team at BSUPERIOR has been an easy and pleasant experience. The solution they built for us will save us dozens of hours of labour costs several times a year and has been well worth what we paid. I can easily recommend them and will not hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Jamie Kiffiak, President (Tri-Cities Pest Detective)

Sajad and his team have been extremely helpful in meeting our website needs. They listen to what your vision is and not only work around it, but help to flesh it out. I would highly recommend Sajad and BSuperior to anyone with Technology needs.

Kamille De Los Angeles, Office Manager & Business Administration (RHA)

At Persephone Brewing we utilize a number of systems to manage and report our data. BSUPERIOR System helped us streamline these processes by automating several business processes using our existing data sets saving us hundreds of hours a year at a very reasonable cost.

Dion Whyte, General Manager (Persephone Brewing Company)

Our recent works

We take immense pride in the work we do and the value we bring to our clients. We are committed to offering the best, and you’ll feel that commitment in every interaction. Here’s a snapshot of some recent projects we’ve completed

Payroll Processing Application

We developed an Access application for a leading retail brand. This system now efficiently manages payroll across 30+ offices, ensuring consistency between branches and the head office.

Inventory & Order System

This manufacturing client needed an overhaul of their existing Access system. We performed a comprehensive audit, rectified existing issues, and integrated automated processes and advanced reporting functionalities.

Order Management

We crafted a specialized order management system. It’s custom-designed to meet the distinct needs of our client, ensuring smooth and efficient order handling. The order management system streamlines the process of order entry, tracking, and fulfillment, and ensures timely delivery to customers.

Student-Advisor Interaction Management

Our solution streamlined the data management process for educational institutions. It efficiently schedules student-advisor appointments, and also tracks notes related to student behaviours, ensuring seamless communication.

Team Activity Report Creation

By leveraging MS Access Database, we assisted a company in generating custom reports. These reports present detailed insights into team member activities, illustrating individual contributions and overall team dynamics.


A Microsoft Access consultant offers expertise in utilizing its advanced capabilities. They’ll manage your data, create custom applications tailored to your needs, and seamlessly integrate data from various other applications.

Yes, you can design ETL pipelines with MS Access. Our services offer ETL pipeline creation using MS Access, tailored for clients who prefer or are committed to this platform. MS Access provides a user-friendly interface and robust data integration capabilities.
Absolutely! Progressive businesses, both big and small, leverage Microsoft Access to elevate their data management, and with our expertise, they achieve remarkable efficiency.
Think of Microsoft Access as your business’s data powerhouse. It empowers YOU to store, retrieve, and analyze data in transformative ways, leading to unparalleled business insights.
An MS Access developer is your secret weapon to unlock the potential of your data. They craft custom databases, ensuring your business operations run seamlessly and effectively.
Dive into a world where data meets perfection. Our MS Access services include consultation, database design, ETL for business intelligence, optimization, customization, migration, troubleshooting, and software integration, ensuring your business maintains a competitive edge.
Microsoft Access is primarily a database management system. When discussing “types” in the context of MS Access, one might be referring to data types or object types. Here’s a brief overview of both:
Data Types: Text, Memo/Long Text, Number, Date/Time, Currency, AutoNumber, Yes/No, OLE Object, Hyperlink, Attachment, Calculated, Lookup Wizard
Object Types: Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, Modules
According to Microsoft, they no longer recommend Access Services for new web apps and web databases and encourage their users to use Power Apps instead.
As of June 2017, this feature has been retired from Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. However, in SharePoint Server, this feature will be supported in accordance with the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy.
The future is automated, and so is Microsoft Access! With our expertise, harness the power of macros, VBA, and more to automate and elevate your business processes.
Yes, and in the most streamlined way! Macros in MS Access opens the door to efficiency, automating tasks and enhancing the user experience, all tailored to your requirements.
While MS Access and Power Automate aren’t directly linked, with our expertise, we bridge the gap, allowing you to leverage the best of both worlds for ultimate automation.
While Google offers tools like Google Sheets, nothing quite matches the power and flexibility of Microsoft Access. With our services, ensure you’re always a step ahead.
Estimated 135,000 companies use Microsoft Access, primarily in the U.S. and IT sector. It’s popular among firms with 50-200 employees and $1M-$10M revenue. We’ve tracked its usage for nearly 8 years.
The cost of Microsoft Access can vary based on the licensing model chosen, whether it’s a standalone purchase or part of the Microsoft Office suite or Microsoft 365 subscription

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