Microsoft Project Integration

Microsoft Project Integration

Through Microsoft Project integration, we unify your workflow so you can track project status without wandering between multiple applications.


Why Should You Integrate MS Project?

Project management is a multi-directional task, and the needed files and data to manage the projects efficiently may be spread across multiple applications, such as Excel, Microsoft Word, or Access. Now, you should look for a solution to sync the data to access them all at once. MS Project integration is the same solution you need.

An All-in-one Workflow

BSUPERIOR SYSTEM Microsoft Project experts can integrate MSP with Microsoft suite and your enterprise software. You can follow the work procedure within one app and import/export files seamlessly to MS Project. We promise you an all-in-one workflow.

Integrate MS Project with Microsoft Suite

Integrate MS Project with Microsoft Suite

Many companies adopt SharePoint as web-based software for communication, resources, and document management. By MS Project and SharePoint integration, your team can easily access data seamlessly and keep track of projects.
If Excel features are limited for complex project planning, you can switch to MS Project without losing or damaging data. MS Project can be easily integrated with Excel so that you can transfer data and project schedules from a worksheet to a project page.
If you are using Microsoft Planner for task management and scheduling, the good news is you can integrate it with Microsoft Project to facilitate the work process between teams. Handling more tasks at less time and giving more control to project managers is one of the main benefits of MS Project and Planner integration.

Integrate MS Project with Microsoft Suite

Enjoy an Integrated and Automated workflow

When your business operations expand, you can’t keep up with the traditional way of accomplishing tasks that waste you a lot of time. That’s why we offer Microsoft Project automation to help our clients to save time and handle more projects in less time. But what if we can combine the benefits of MS Project automation with integration?

Imagine an all-in-one Workflow that all of its manual and repetitive tasks are done automatically. You can save a lot of time per employee that leads to considerable savings on business costs. It would be fascinating! This is what BSUPERIROR SYSTEM has prepared for you. Still not convinced?

Benefits of A Fully Integrated and Automated Workflow:

Lower risk of human errors in the project management process.

Real-time visibility over projects status.

A Growth-driven workflow.

Benefits of A Fully Integrated and Automated Workflow:

Consult with Our MS Project Developers to broaden Your Vision about automating Microsoft Project and integration





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