Integration of Sage Accounting and Maximizer CRM Software with Excel

A construction company in Vancouver, Canada, requested for Excel automation services to automate their budgeting process. They used Sage software for accounting purposes and Maximizer CRM for managing their clients info and jobs. They manually exported the data of both the Sage software and Maximizer CRM to Excel, combined the data and prepared reports such as the bell curve. We automated the entire process from exporting the data to Excel spreadsheets, analyzing them and creating reports.

Automated & Customized Excel Solution

Our solutions to automate their process, include,

  • We created a bot with AutoIt tool which exports reports from Sage desktop software to Excel. The desktop version of Sage does not have an API to export the data. Therefore, a bot is developed to open the reports in Sage and export them to an Excel workbook
  • We also connected the Excel workbook to the SQL database of Maximizer database to export data.
  • We wrote a macro to organize the exported data from both the Sage software and Maximizer CRM. The macro also produces reports for estimation such as the bull curve.

Outcome of Excel Solutions

Our client benefited from our solutions in the following ways,
  • Exporting data manually from the Sage software and Maximizer CRM to Excel can take hours. Our solutions saved monthly hours in exporting data and producing reports.
  • Human error is a risk when employees perform a set of repeated tasks. But the bot in our solution follows a specific workflow which eliminates the human error.
  • We designed customized reports for estimation purposes such as the bell curve which helps in making better decisions.


Div 15 Mechanical


  • Excel Excel
  • Sage Accounting Sage Accounting
  • Maximizer CRM Maximizer CRM
  • Data Export
  • Reports Creation

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