Use Excel automations in mobile / tablet as you do in PC

Excel Add-in Development Services

Adding new, customized functions to Excel with add-ins to extend functionality and automate tasks using an innovative approach.

Why Excel Add-in

Why Excel Add-in

Traditionally, Macro is well-known for automating tasks and adding new functions to Excel, but the biggest downside of Macro is that it’s not supported in mobile/tablet devices as well as in the online version of Excel, which leads to limited functionality through different platforms. BSUPERIOR SYSTEM Excel add-in developers came up with a solution for this problem.

Excel Add-in Comes In

In an age where mobile phones and tablets are replacing PCs, Excel Add-ins are the simplest solution to make Excel available across more devices. Of course, add-ins are still supported in Mac/Windows computers.

Here’s what our Excel add-in experts can do for you:

Adding new functions and custom ribbon buttons to Excel.

Availability for more range of devices and web browsers.

Implementing commands and interacting with users through dialog boxes and HTML.

Expanding the customization capabilities.

Interacting with Excel objects by Office JavaScript API to process data.

We Build Custom Excel Add-ins

Every business has its way of interacting with Excel. Through Excel Add-in development services, we use the Office.js to develop customized add-ins to meet our customers' unique requirements. If you want to enhance the functionality and make Excel more tailored to specific needs, just call us to book a meeting. Our Excel add-in developers are waiting to hear from you!

Single Page Application

Excel Add-ins in Mobile & Tablet

By default, Excel automation is not supported in mobile/tablet devices nor the web browsers. This is a big flaw for multi-platform organizations that use a variety of devices to interact with Excel. Excel add-ins are here to break the boundaries.

Add-ins can help deploy the automation in mobile/tablet and the online version of Excel to fill the hardware and software gap. Therefore, you don’t need to spend ages on repetitive tasks while using different platforms except for the PC.

Chat With Excel Add-in Consultants to Decide on the Most Appropriate Add-in

Add-ins are available for various applications, and to decide on the most appropriate ones for the business, you need to consult closely with Excel experts. Our Excel add-in consultants help you determine your needs at the first step and then develop an add-in accordingly. We also deploy and publish Excel Add-ins for Cloud and SharePoint as a part of the integration program.

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