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Creative, innovative, and reliable recommendations for businesses using Microsoft Project. We help you to use MS Project productively.

We Are MS Project Consultants

BSUPERIOR SYSTEM is a leading company in providing consultancy for businesses of any size in specialized fields. We provide Microsoft Project consulting services for businesses to optimize processes, techniques, technologies, and outcomes. We are not just consultants. Our MS Project developers will be a part of your team to provide meaningful insights and develop your knowledge.

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Why Do You Need
Microsoft Project Consulting Services?

Experience, skills, and expertise are backbones for using MS Project or any other software in a more advanced way. When your organization suffers from the lack of these necessary items, hiring a consultant is a good bet. There are three main reasons that businesses hire us as their MS Project consultant:

They don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to work with Microsoft Project effectively.

They are busy handling many projects simultaneously and don’t have enough time to investigate MS Project features and functions.

They are looking for best practices and reliable advice from Microsoft project experts.

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Why Choose Us as a Microsoft Project Consultant?

Our firm understanding of Microsoft Project and years of experience in providing internal and external consultancy help us to save your time and resources, increase your revenue, and improve employee's performance.

Our Microsoft Project consulting services cover the requirements of a business. For example, we offer MS Project integration to help you have a centralized workflow and Microsoft Project automation to automate processes and make the most of your time. Our MS Project Support and help services are also here to resolve errors in your projects.

MS Project Consulting Process


Developing a customer-focused strategy for your business by MS Project specialists.


Creating a step-by-step plan to fulfill your needs.


Solving the problems and challenges your business and employees encounter.

Develop skills and knowledge

Serving as a coach-consultant to develop your skills and expertise.

Microsoft Project Portfolio Management Consulting

Companies that want to manage their projects at the enterprise level will need Project portfolio management (PPM). PPM is one of the essential tools for every successful team and covers all the requirements of a company, from scheduling to cost and resource management.

BSUPERIOR SYSTEM PPM consultants help your business to choose the right PPM variant (Project Server or Project Online) at first, then come up with a roadmap to optimize your portfolios. Here is what our PPM and MS Project server consultants will do for you:

Our Consultants' Expertise

  • Analyzing existing portfolios and make recommendations for optimizing them
  • More efficient resource management
  • Tracking the budget intended for the project
  • Set and implement right priorities
  • Providing accurate and detailed reports




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BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. provides custom software and technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We have been helping businesses to operate more efficiently, reduce money and time spend on redundant repetitive daily tasks.

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