SharePoint to OneDrive Migration Tool Portfolio

Efficient document management and seamless access to critical information are necessary for the success of any organization. Based on this vital need, our team developed a novel migration tool for a leading investment management company. Our goal was to revolutionize their document management system by integrating SharePoint with OneDrive, enhancing productivity and ensuring security compliance. This portfolio outlines the client’s challenges, our comprehensive approach, sophisticated solutions, and the remarkable outcomes of the project.

What is the challenge?

Our client, a distinguished investment management firm, needed to enhance their document management system and facilitate easier and more secure access to essential documents for their staff. They required an automated process to create SharePoint folder shortcuts in their employees’ OneDrive accounts, improving the overall efficiency within the organization.
This automation needed to be linked with their existing Azure security group settings, ensuring that folder access was aligned with their internal security protocols and employee group structures.
The challenge was multifaceted and required a comprehensive approach. Each employee within the organization had access to different nested folders in SharePoint. These access permissions were dynamic, changing daily, which made it more complex to manage document access.
The IT department initially planned to address this challenge by running a PowerShell script on each employee’s computer during the startup process. This script was intended to update the OneDrive shortcuts for each employee, ensuring that they had access to the correct SharePoint folders according to their current permissions.
To deploy these PowerShell scripts, they used a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system to help them distribute and manage the scripts on all user computers remotely. However, the solution needed to operate without relying on dedicated servers, adding another layer of complexity to the process.

Our Solution

To tackle the intricate challenge, our team developed a tailored solution based on a sophisticated PowerShell script. The core function of this script was to automate the process of connecting SharePoint folder access with OneDrive shortcuts for each employee.

User Authentication

The script was designed to securely log in each user, ensuring that all the subsequent operations were authorized, having the necessary permissions.

SharePoint Libraries and Folders Loop

Once logged in, the script dynamically looped through all SharePoint libraries and folders to check the users’ permissions based on Azure security group settings.

Dynamic OneDrive Shortcut Management

The script then proceeded to add or delete shortcuts in the user’s OneDrive, reflecting their current SharePoint permissions to match their latest access rights.

Azure Application Registration

To facilitate secure and efficient script operations, we used Azure application registration. This provided the necessary framework and permissions for the script to perform its tasks within the Microsoft ecosystem without compromising security.

By implementing this solution, we provided the client with a serverless, automated system that efficiently managed the synchronization of SharePoint folder access with OneDrive shortcuts. It significantly reduced the manual workload and enhanced the overall efficiency and security of their document management processes.


The implementation of our custom-designed PowerShell script brought outstanding results for the client:

Streamlined Document Management System

The solution significantly streamlined the document management process for every employee. Employees now had real-time access to the appropriate documents linked directly in their OneDrive based on their current permissions.

Eliminated Manual Updates

This automation not only eliminated the need for manual updates by the IT department but also ensured that the changes in permissions were reflected promptly and accurately each day.

Enhanced Reliability and Security

The serverless nature of the solution, using Azure application registration and the Microsoft Graph API, enhanced the system’s reliability and security, aligning perfectly with the client’s needs.

Improved Efficiency and Scalability

The solution improved efficiency, reduced the potential for errors, and provided a scalable, maintenance-free approach to managing document access, creating a more efficient workspace.

Technologies and Tools

To accomplish this project, we utilized the following technologies and tools:

  • PowerShell Scripting
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • Azure Application Registration
  • Azure Security Group Management
  • SharePoint Online Integration
  • OneDrive Management
  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) System
  • Serverless Architecture Implementation
  • Automated Folder Access Synchronization
  • Dynamic User Authentication and Authorization


Considerable features of the project are listed below:

  • Automated OneDrive Shortcut Updates

  • Real-Time SharePoint Folder Synchronization

  • User-Specific Folder Access Management

  • Dynamic Permission Handling Based on Azure Security Groups

  • Serverless Script Execution

  • Seamless Integration with SharePoint and OneDrive