SharePoint Document Management and Control Portfolio

When working as an industrial contractor, establishing an efficient document management system is a key to handling the vast range of dynamic information. In one of our successful projects at BSUITE365, we relied on our expertise and experience to tackle complex challenges regarding document review, approval, and workflow automation. This portfolio focuses on our innovative solution, integrating SharePoint, PowerApps, and Power Automate to create a streamlined document management system for our client.

Introducing The Client

Blackstone Industrial is a distinguished leader in the industrial sector, delivering cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of industries seeking high-quality services. As an established Canadian company, Blackstone Industrial has a dedicated team of experts with a deep body of knowledge and value-added work ethic, understanding the unique challenges of their clients. Their services include Rotating Equipment Repair, Parts Supply and Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning of Large Facilities, Machine and BOP Healthcare and Maintenance, and many more.

What is the challenge?

The nature of our client’s business operations was tied to managing a variety of files that needed to be reviewed and approved by multiple employees from different departments within the organization. This complex process had brought substantial challenges to them related to document management. The main challenges they were facing can be summarized as follows:

Complex Document Ecosystem

They had stored a large set of files, each requiring careful review and approval. This complexity made it challenging to ensure that every document was reviewed timely and consistently.

Manual Workflow

Different components of their existing process heavily relied on manual tasks such as sharing files, delivering updates and revisions, and tracking the document life cycle. This time-consuming approach was not prone to human errors and inconsistencies.

Online Accessibility

Our client sought an alternative system that could be followed up online, optimizing collaboration and document management. This transformation would provide their employees with the flexibility to work from various locations.

Reminder System

Each document workflow was assigned multiple reminder dates, required to be precisely managed. Ensuring that reviewers were reminded promptly to complete their tasks was crucial to maintaining efficiency and meeting deadlines.

Our Solution

To address the multifaceted challenge of document management, our client aimed to enhance the efficiency of their processes and reduce the burden on their staff. They needed an online, versatile tool to automate many of these tasks, enabling their team to focus on higher-value activities. To meet their needs, we devised a comprehensive solution that leveraged the power of Microsoft’s suite of tools, particularly SharePoint, PowerApps, and Power Automate. Our approach not only automated the document management process but also provided a user-friendly interface and real-time tracking capabilities. The applicable solutions are listed as follows:

1. SharePoint Online Collaboration

SharePoint as the foundation of our solution, provided a robust, cloud-based platform for collaboration and file-sharing. we established a secure and well-organized data hub by unifying all documents within SharePoint. This option eliminated the need for manual file-sharing, provided easy access for authorized users from any location, and ensured data consistency across the organization.

2. PowerApps for Process Management

We implemented PowerApps to streamline the process of document review and approval within the company. PowerApps allowed us to create custom applications with user-friendly interfaces, aligned with our client’s requirements. Employees could effortlessly initiate document workflows, monitor progress, and receive notifications through a single, intuitive interface.

3. Power Automate Cloud Flows

Power Automate had a significant impact on automating the document management workflow. We designed several Power Automate cloud flows to coordinate processes such as document reviews, reminder notifications, and approvals. These flows ensured that each step of the document life cycle was managed flawlessly, minimizing manual tasks and enhancing consistency.

4. Dashboard-like Form for Real-Time Tracking

We created a dynamic dashboard-like form in order to enhance transparency and provide beneficial insights into the document life cycle. This form displayed the current status of each document, including review progress, approval stages, and upcoming deadlines. Users could easily track the documents within their workflow, enabling proactive decision-making and minimizing delays.

5. Cost-Effective Implementation

To address our client’s concerns regarding cost-effectiveness and scalability, we implemented the entire solution using standard PowerApps and Power Automate licenses. This approach maximized the benefits of Microsoft’s tools for our client without affording additional licensing expenses.


Our comprehensive solution successfully integrated SharePoint Online, PowerApps, and Power Automate to transform our client’s document management processes. We not only improved operational efficiency but also reduced manual effort and errors, delivering a range of tangible benefits. The following outcomes were achieved as a result of our efforts:

Efficient Document Labeling

All document labeling processes were automated to minimize the time and effort required for organizing and classifying documents within the workflow. This automation ensured consistent and accurate document labeling as well as easy retrieval.

Real-time Status Tracking

The intuitive dashboard-like form enabled our client to track the status of documents in real-time. This possibility provided a more straightforward access to the documents, simplifying quick decision-making and proactive management while minimizing the delays.

Automated Employee Communications

Power Automate sends automated notifications and reminders to employees involved in the document review and approval process. Adding this feature to the system eliminates the need for manual communication with employees to inform them of their required actions.

Streamlined Workflow

Our comprehensive solution significantly streamlined the entire document management workflow to reduce the administrative burden on the staff. Tasks such as document routing, approval assignments, and deadline management were automated, allowing employees to focus on higher-value activities.

Enhanced Accuracy and Consistency

Automation reduced the risk of errors and inconsistencies and ensured that documents follow predefined workflows consistently. Enhancing accuracy within the system, every step was checked to be executed in compliance with organizational standards.

Technologies and Tools

In the implementation of our solution, we leveraged a combination of powerful technologies to create a seamless and efficient document management system:

  • SharePoint Online: served as the foundation of our solution, providing a robust and secure platform for document storage, collaboration, and access control.
  • PowerApps: was used to create customized applications, offering a user-friendly interface for document submission, tracking, and management.
  • Power Automate: automated the tasks such as document routing, approval assignments, and notification reminders.
  • Custom PowerShell Scripts: were employed to deploy, manage, and provision the solution, ensuring the seamless integration of SharePoint, PowerApps, and Power Automate components.

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