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How to Connect a Shape or WordArt to an Excel Cell

Insert WordArt in Excel

To use the WordArt in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Insert tab from the ribbon.
  2. Click on the Text button, and select the WordArt, then choose one of the styles.
  3. Delete the text in the word art.
  4. Type ‘=’ in the Formula Bar.
  5. Select the cell where you want to see the result and press “Enter.”
  6. Now whatever you type in the cell, you will see in Shape or WordArt styles.
How to add a word art in Excel 2016?
Picture 1- How to add a WordArt in Excel

As you see, it’s bSuperior System!

Modify a WordArt

When you add a word art, a new tab opens on the ribbon, which is called the Format tab. This tab contains these groups of tools:

  • Insert Shapes (we’ll explain in the Insert shape part.)
  • Shape Styles
    • Quickly add visual styles.
    • Change the color by the Shape Fill and the Shape Outline options.
    • Change the effects such as shadow, reflection, etc. by the Shape Effects option.
  • Wordart Styles
    • Add some artistic flair by choosing between predefined text styles.
    • Change the color by the Text Fill and the Text Outline options.
    • Change the Effects such as shadow, reflection, etc. by the Text Effects option.
  • Arrange
    • Bring the objects forward or send them backward by the Bring Forward and the Send backward options.
    • The Selection Pane helps you see all of your objects on a list and select them or edit them quickly.
    • The Align option helps to change the placement of the objects.
    • The Align option helps to change the placement of the objects.
    • The Rotate option rotates or flips the objects.
  • Size
    • Change the height or width of the objects by the Shape Height and the Shape Width options.

Insert Shape in Excel

A way to add shapes to an Excel worksheet is:

  1. Go to the Insert tab.
  2. From the Illustration section, click on the Shape button.
  3. Now select the shape you want.
How to add a shape to an Excel worksheet by the Illustrations tool.
Picture 2- How to insert a shape in Excel

If you added a word art and want to insert a shape to the worksheet too, follow these steps:

  1. In the Format tab from the Drawing Tools, go to the Insert Shapes group.
  2. Pick one of the shapes from the ready-shapes list.
Adding a shape in Excel 2016 by the Drawing Tool.
Picture 3- How to add a shape in Excel

You can edit the shapes by the Edit Shape option, such as edit points or reroute connectors. Also, you can add text boxes to your shapes by the Text Box.

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