Connecting Shape or WordArt to an Excel Cell

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Connecting shapes or WordArt to specific cells in Excel can enhance the visual appeal and organization of your spreadsheets. It allows you to create dynamic presentations and dashboards, where visuals are linked directly to underlying data. In this guide, we’ll explore how to connect shapes or WordArt to Excel cells, empowering you to create more interactive and visually compelling documents.

Insert WordArt in Excel

To use the WordArt in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Insert tab from the ribbon.
  2. Click on the Text button, and select the WordArt, then choose one of the styles.
  3. Delete the text in the word art.
  4. Type ‘=’ in the Formula Bar.
  5. Select the cell where you want to see the result and press “Enter.”
  6. Now whatever you type in the cell, you will see in Shape or WordArt styles.
How to add a word art in Excel 2016?
Picture 1- How to add a WordArt in Excel

As you see, it’s bSuperior System!

Modify a WordArt

When you add a word art, a new tab opens on the ribbon, which is called the Format tab. This tab contains these groups of tools:

  • Insert Shapes (we’ll explain in the Insert shape part.)
  • Shape Styles
    • Quickly add visual styles.
    • Change the color by the Shape Fill and the Shape Outline