How To Insert An Excel Table In Word

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Those of us who are familiar with Microsoft Excel and Word know that Excel is much better when it comes to data input, numbers, and charts while Word is better with documents and text format. What if you have created an Excel table, which you want to export to Word? There are different methods at your disposal; and, in this tutorial, we are going to see how we can copy or embed Excel files into Word using two simple methods.

Copy table from Excel to Word

The method we are going to mention here is the simplest way to insert a table from Excel into Word.  You may have already guessed how it’s done by reading the title of this part. It’s the easy Copy/Paste method.

  • Open the source Excel file you want to transfer
  • Select the table by dragging your cursor over the part you want
  •  Then press Ctrl+C
  • Open the destination Word document, and press Ctrl+V
how to select a table in excel
copy table from excel

Now that you have the table in your Word document you can make any changes and edit the table in the Word document.

an excel table copied from excel to word
copy table in word

Insert Excel table into Word

Apart from the simple Copy/Paste option we mentioned above, you can use the ‘Insert Object’ option to embed an Excel file such as a table in your Word document. The difference is that it transfers the data from Excel to Word automatically.  Let’s see how it’s done.

  • First, open the Word document file 
  • Select the Insert tab in the tab Ribbon
  • Go to the Text section, and click on the Object option
  • A dialogue box will appear. Click on the Create from File tab and go to Browse
  • Locate and select your Excel file, select Insert
  • Then check the “Link to file” box. Now, press OK
how to use insert object to insert an excel table into word
inset table in word

The table is now embedded in your Word document, so if you make any changes in the original Excel file, the data will autom