G Suite Features

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G Suite is a whole package of services for businesses of any size to meet their needs. These services can cover almost all the requirements of businesses in different industries, so Google has provided them in one package to make it easier to use.

In this article, we intend to explain the properties of this package.

Communication Tools: Effective communication is the core of any active collaboration, but using a wide range of communication tools may distract the employees and reduce their productivity. Google has gathered any tool you need for communication in the G Suite package to eliminate the need to use multiple tools.

Your Dedicated Domain: Certainly, you are familiar enough with Gmail to recognize the arrangement of your email address, i.e., [email protected]. By using G Suite services, you will be able to create your dedicated domain, i.e., [email protected]. This option can evolve the way you communicate with your business partners.

Google’s Video Conference: Let’s consider an organization which is located in Vancouver and needs to consult with a person living in another city. Inviting them to be present at the company’s office will be costly and maybe even impossible due to time limits, but Google’s video conference service is here to set up a face-to-face meeting. 


Creating And Managing Company’s Documents: At G Suite, you can easily create and manage your documents without worrying about unwanted changes, losing files, or confusion. You can share different types of documents in Google Drive, such as contract, financial, legal, and presentation documents.

No Application Installation: These types of documents can be created and managed by different applications. When using G Suite, you don’t need to install any particular application. You can access your documents via the Internet from everywhere in multiple devices. You can also set offline access for each of your documents based on different circumstances.

Group Sharing of Documents: Another remarkable point about G Suite is its capability of sharing documents in a group. This feature allows group members to complete each document based on their tasks, and the manager can give different levels of accessibility to group members.


G Suite Forms: Sometimes, you may want to hand out a questionnaire to your staff or individuals outside the company and present their responses in your business meetings. Traditional methods can be expensive, time-consuming, and hard to implement. It would help if you also considered some limitations, like choosing the right target audience due to geographical restrictions. G Suite can be the best and most confident platform for you by providing online forms’ service. Through this service, you can make several questionnaires and send them to all of your clients or target community without any limitations on geographical locations and get detailed and accurate results.

G Suite Personal Website: Every business can set up a website to showcase its portfolio. This website is an excellent opportunity for organizations to increase clients and improve their online presence. G Suite can provide individual platforms for businesses to create a personal website. 

Google Cloud: Besides having a website, some businesses would also like to have their application to offer more customer-driven service. Through Google Cloud, these enterprises can develop their applications. 

Check-lists and Business Notes: G Suite also offers you a service to create, manage, and organize your check-lists, daily tasks, and business notes. All individuals in an organization can feel free to write and share their ideas. This feature paves the way for a friendly atmosphere in every organization, where brilliant ideas can be valued in the right direction.

Cloud Storage & Easy Access To Data: Storing and managing data is one of the most crucial and significant challenges for business. All organizations must protect their data to prevent a data breach and its consequences. Google Drive is a confident, suitable, and easy to use platform for cloud storage. Once using Google Drive, you have 30 GB storage space, but you can increase the capacity based on your business’s needs.

The Search for Data: Searching among the company’s data can be a challenge for the staff. G Suite powerful searching tools allow staff and managers to search among work calendars, slides, texts, spreadsheets, etc. and get advanced and detailed results.

Managing Users And Devices: By using G Suite, you can control the users, devices, security features, and track activities. 

Archive Feature: You can archive tasks and documents and access them anytime you want. 


What we covered in this article will help you to make more informed decisions about using G Suite services. G Suites provide you with a perfect package to meet your needs and prevent using multiple platforms that interrupts employees and reduce their productivity. If you need to consult with experts, feel free to contact our G Suites consultants