Can Google Docs Be Used Offline?

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Using the Internet to transfer data in small, midsize, and large businesses is known as one of the fastest and most popular methods so that individuals are mostly drawn towards keeping their files on cloud storage to access them wherever and on any device.

Cloud storage is one of the Google’s services offered to its clients who own businesses of any size to make them able to store various files such as docs, sheets, slides, etc. However since using the stuff requires Internet access, you may face difficulty in grabbing your stored files in no Internet occasions. Therefore we came up with the idea to conduct an investigation on a similar incident to realize if you are able to have offline access to your docs on your Google account.

For example, a newly established company in Vancouver is planning to utilize Google Services to develop and expand its business. The major concern is that the manager can not access the Internet in some situations, which might cause probable disorders.

Here is the good news for the manager! You can access your sheets, docs, slides, etc. offline. The offline access can be gained on different devices such as PCs and smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems.

How can a manager have offline access to the files on PC?

It has been made comfortable enough to get offline access on PC by installing Google Docs Offline Chrome extension on your Chrome browser, which allows you to download and save recently opened files, but do not forget to make sure you have enough storage space on your PC!

Once you succeeded in installing Google Docs Offline Chrome extension, it is required to activate the offline access capability. If you desire to do so, then you must go to the Home Screen in Google docs, Google sheets, or Google slides and simply activate the offline mode from settings’ menu. 

Good to know that once you activate offline mode on one of the google docs, google sheets or google slides you realize that this feature has been enabled for all of them.

In the next step, you can choose the files you want to access offline and download them on your PC. In this stage, you can go to the Home  Screen and select the desired file in Google docs, Google sheets, or Google slides and activate the offline mode for each of them from the files’ setting.

How can a manager have offline access to files on an iOS or Android device?

First, you should know that it is a piece of pie! You are able to access your data once you install each of Google Sheets, Google Slides or Google Docs apps relevant to your needs. Simply, by choosing the desired files and activating the offline access feature you can have your files offline anytime and anywhere you want.

A great variety of such services can be expected from G Suite to solve problems like the one we just explained no matter what the size of a business is. Since G Suite offers a vast range of services relevant to the working process of small, mids