Remote Work And Productivity Tips For Coronavirus Era

4 min read|Last Updated: May 8th, 2024|Categories: Teamwork|


COVID-19 or Coronavirus is the latest buzzword in mainstream media. A virus that started in China has infected more than 200 countries worldwide and killed many. Following the spread of the virus, many companies have sent all or a portion of their employees to work remotely.

Millions of employees are doing their routine tasks from home instead of the office to stay protected from Coronavirus. Remote working is not a new concept, and even before this pandemic, many people have worked as remote workforces in companies. According to research by Regus Canada, 11% of business people in Canada work all week remotely. Hiring remote employees has benefits for businesses, including flexible hours that leads to higher productivity and lower costs.

Keeping the balance between remote work and productivity is not as easy as you might think. Those who have used to work remotely for years, like the BSUPERIOR SYSTEM team, are familiar with the challenges, but newcomers will struggle to adjust to the new environment. Buffer’s state of remote work report highlighted the unplug