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Our Excel automation team worked on automating a comparison process for our client

This project included a detailed data comparison which could not have been done regularly. The comparison needed a specific process, and rules had to be put in place.

The sheet contained a series of data cells. Each cell had to be compared with the next one to identify the identical ones. This process had to be replicated for another column, as well. There were specific cells that had to be prioritized for writing data based on the comparison. If there were no such data or items, then the corresponding data could be entered. What made this comparison complex was the large volume of data that had to be analyzed.

Customized Excel Solution

This analysis included:

  • Comparison for large volumes of data
  • Detailed multi-conditional comparison
  • Adding extra data if necessary
  • Automating the process

Due to the above reasons, our team created an automated program using VBA to carry out the comparison whenever needed.Our proposed solution, undoubtedly, improves the client’s performance efficiency, reduces errors and saves a great deal of time.

Our process included identifying the needs of our client, specifying the conditions, writing the codes based on the conditions, testing and finally presenting the final solution.

The outcome of Excel Solutions

Our solution offers the following benefits:

  • Automates repetitive tasks and increases productivity
  • It’s effortlessly executed with just a click no need to know coding or Excel.
  • Saves client’s time, it’s incomparably faster and more efficient.
  • Error-free programing, examined and tested for a particular data set.
  • Adjustments can be made if the client’s criteria changes.
  • Other modes can be added as per client’s request. Continual professional support and help.


  • Excel
  • Data analysis
  • Transfer Data
  • Compare Cells

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