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Read Data & Map

Businesses tend to avoid reorganizing or making significant changes to their Excel database because it can be a complex and time-consuming task. Data may get lost or altered with one small mistake.

With Excel automation services and solutions, daunting Excel tasks can be done smartly and professionally. Our client had requested CRM solutions and services; they asked our team of expert Excel developers to rearrange, map and transfer data sheets.

The process included:

  • analyzing the data,
  • performing data mapping,
  • classifying the data,
  • ranking and sorting the data based on specific criteria.

Customized Excel Solution

Our Excel programming team developed a code to manage the tasks. The program is:

  • Able to classify unlimited volumes of data.
  • Set up to categorize different sets of data upon insertion.
  • Able to automatically clear previous data if new data is entered.

The Benefits

Undoubtedly, manually performing such a major data reorganization task is frustrating and almost impossible.
Our experts succeeded in automating the task and helped our client perform it quickly and accurately. The program runs effortlessly and is set to manage Excel files with a few clicks. The other notable benefit is that the codes are carefully tested, and the task is done free of error. The program runs efficiently on extensive amounts of data, and the criteria can be changed upon the client’s request. In addition, we guarantee support, and we are readily available to resolve any pertinent issues.


  • Save the business time
  • Make changes without worrying about the formulas
  • Eliminates human error


  • Excel
  • Data analysis
  • Transfer Data
  • Map Data

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