How To Make A Bar Graph In Excel

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There are a range of graphs and charts you can choose from in Excel, for example, Line charts, Pie charts, and Scatter charts. They help you visualize and present your data, whether you are a professional or an amateur. If you like to learn more about different charts and graphs available in Excel, make sure you visit our Blog titled “A Basic Guide To Charts And Graphs In Excel”.

In the present blog, we are focusing on what a bar chart is and how it’s created.

What is a Bar Graph?

A Bar Chart, also known as a Bar Graph, is a graphical representation of your data in forms similar to pillars. A Bar Chart is the horizontal version of a Column Chart. This means that Column Charts are Vertical. So, the major distinction is based on its orientation.

Types of Bar Graphs in Excel

Let’s go over different types of Bar Graphs.

Bar chart: the distinctive feature of a Bar chart is that it has horizontal bars. There are 3 main types of bar charts that can be presented in both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional form.