Export MS Project Tasks to MS Outlook Calendar

Our MS Project integration team developed a macro to export the tasks of a MS Project file to a MS Outlook calendar. MS Project has a calendar view which its tasks are exported to an Outlook calendar as appointments. The Outlook calendar would be similar to the calendar view on the MS Project file.

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Problems Addressed in the MS Project and Outlook Job

The tasks managed in a MS Project file are not shared with team members, by default. Team members want to find out about what tasks they are assigned by their project manager. Tasks are managed in a MS Project file but the project manager has a hard time sharing the tasks with the members.

MS Project and Outlook Integration

To solve the sharing problem of tasks, our MS Project consultants came up with a solution to integrate MS Project with MS Outlook. The tasks of a MS Project file are exported to the MS Outlook calendar of team members. The members get a notification on their calendar when the task start date is near.

The Steps of MS Project Macro

  1. The macro executes the following steps,
  2. Iterates all the tasks in the MS Project file, that has no child task,
  3. Reads the start date, end date, resources name and other necessary data,
  4. Asks user to choose an outlook calendar,
  5. Display the selected calendar,
  6. Gives a warning to the user that the appointments on the selected calendar will be deleted,
  7. Upon confirmation, deletes all the appointments on the selected calendar,
  8. And finally, adds MS project tasks as appointments to the selected calendar,

The description of the appointment is the related task title and the persons assigned to the task. The start/finish date of a MS Outlook calendar appointment matches the related MS Project task.


  • MS Project and MS Outlook integration
  • Share MS Project tasks with team members
  • Export MS Project tasks to MS Outlook calendar
  • Notify team members about their tasks on their MS Outlook calendar



  • MS Project
  • MS Outlook
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Integration

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