How to Split Cells in Excel

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Comfortable and satisfying as it is, working with Excel can sometimes be confusing. There sure have been times when you entered a lot of data in single cells under a column and decided later that all the information in those single cells better be divided into different cells under multiple columns. At times like this, you need to know how to split cells in Excel!

In this tutorial, we are going to explain three methods to split cells in Excel.

Splitting Cells Using Text to Column Feature

Suppose that you have a spreadsheet containing some information about a group of people, including first name, last name, and ID number and you want to put this information in separate cells.

Example of how to split cells in Excel

You can split these data following these steps:

  1. Select the cells you want to split the data.
  2. Go to the Data tab and choose “Text to Column” from the Data Tools group.
How to open Text to Column wizard in Excel

3. The “Convert text to column wizard” window will open. This part includes three steps:

  • Step 1 of 3: At this step, you have 2 options: Delimited and Fixed Width. Choose the “Delimited” option, which is the character by which you specify to split cells and then click Next.
How to split cells in Excel using Text to Column wizard: step 1
  • Step 2 of 3: Since our data are separated by space and comma, you must choose both as delimiters and then click Next. Also, you’d better check the “Treat consecutive delimiters as one” box. You can see the result in the Data preview section.
How to split cells in Excel using Text to Column wizard: step 2
  • Step 3of 3: At this stage, you can specify the data format and the data destination. Leave the data format as General. Change the destination to $B$2 by typing it or clicking on the icon and selecting a range on the spreadsheet. Having set the information, click Finish.
How to split cells in Excel using Text to Column wizard: step 3

And here’s the result.

splitted cells in Excel

Note: If you leave the destination as default, Excel will keep the first column where it is and move the rest to the next columns.



Splitting Cells Using the Flash Fill Feature

Another easy way to split cells in Excel is using the flash fill option. To split cells in the previous example, we just need to write the part of the text that we want splitted in the desired cell, then use the flash fill feature.

Suppose that you want to extract the fi