What Are VBA “For Loops” in Microsoft Excel?

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You might be wondering how to loop in Excel VBA because you know how Macros are a good and practical way to automate your Excel spreadsheets. 

With the help of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Macros, which are automated scripts, are written. This makes it much easier for you to perform a particular action in Excel. For example, if you want to perform a calculation, you can use VBA For Loop to simplify this. 

But what is VBA exactly? It’s a functional programming language to analyze new data. Excel can be more than you think, making it easier to perform specific tasks automatically. 

You can use VBA For Loop to repeat an action in Excel as many times as you want to. A VBA For Loop is used to loop a particular action through cells once the criteria are seen.

What Are VBA Loops Used For?

When you want a program to repeat itself, you can use a programming concept called Loops to do so. What do they help us with? They help us improve the efficiency and speed of the applications we use. We can reduce the amount of time we spend on certain actions and use VBA For Loops to speed it up.

Loops are a very flexible tool and can be used to be combined with other statements so you can set and determine how often and for how long a particular script runs. 

How to set up a For Loop in Excel?

If we assume that you know how VBA macro should work, we should be able to set code to repeat itself as often as we want to, which is done with the help of For Loop. 

For example, if you want a pop-up to appear a set number of times after you press a button, you should use the variable varButton to enter the end number. When you do this, the pop-up box is shown, starting with zero, then repeating it for 9 times until your varButton variable is reached. 

As you know, to begin the Loop, you need to press the button. The Loop has a finite number of runs before it finishes. But, if you add a