10 Useful Functions for Data Analytics on Excel

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Data Analytics Excel Functions

Excel is an excellent tool for data analysts because they can carry out different operations on this application. As a data analyst, some functions are more helpful for your job. Here is a list of Excel’s ten most useful functions for data analytics.


Which Functions Do Data Analysts Need to Learn? 

Sort and Filter

Sorting data is an inseparable part of data analytics, especially if you work on a table with vast data. You can sort data alphabetically, ascending or descending. Therefore, you can easily sort the list of data about customers’ names, or figure out which month you had higher sales.

The method is pretty simple:

  1.  You only need to select the data you want to sort. 
  2. And right-click on the selection.
  3. Then select any of the options under  “Sort.” 

Please note that you need to select the whole table so that when you sort the data in one column, the rest of the table changes according to the sorted data.

step by step example of Sorting Data on Excel
Figure 1- Example of Sorting Data on Excel.

You can also use Filters for sorting data in Excel. In this method, you should select the row on top of the table, which is normally the topic. Right-click and select one of the options under the “Filter.” Now you can sort data based on different values, even based on colours. You can also narrow down your list