How To Calculate Square Root In Excel

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In mathematics, calculating the square root of a number is very common. When you multiply a real number (like x) by itself, the result is a non-negative real number (like y). Now the square root of y is x, and it is shown as √x. for instance, the square root of 9 (shown as √9) is 3.

In this blog, we introduce two main ways to calculate the square root of a number: using Excel functions and using mathematical formulas, specifically the exponential operator.

Excel Functions

Excel mathematical functions perform a lot of mathematical calculations. Among these mathematical functions, there are two functions that can calculate the square root of a number. In the following sections, we are going to learn about them.

SQRT Function

SQRT function is one of Excel’s mathematical functions and is the easiest way to take the square root of numbers. It is created to calculate the square root of numbers in Excel. The SQRT function needs one argument, which is the number you want to take its square root. The syntax of the function is as below:


Example: as shown below, we calculated the square root of 25 in cell B2 using the SQRT function.

How to calculate square root using the SQRT function

Attention: Another possible result could be (-5), but since the SQRT function has the