8 Math Formulas in Excel Every Beginner Should Know!

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8 Beginner Math Formulas In Excel

If you just started working with Excel, you might search for a tutorial that explains everything at once. Especially in the case of formulas. As you know, Excel is a nifty application that can calculate, and compute an extensive amount of data in seconds. When you add a formula, your computer performs a mathematical operation to produce specific values.

These formulas may seem confusing at first, but it gets easier when you learn how to use them. Many people (beginner and professional) use Excel formulas. But, they may not all know what the rules and signs are about.

Excel Formulas and Functions

While using a calculator, you can perform complex calculations as part of a larger computational process. However, when using Excel, you enter the values into the predefined functions and formulas.

For example, when you want to calculate many numbers using a calculator, you have to enter them all at once. In Excel, you only need to add the numbers in the SUM function and get the result in less than seconds.

Excel Math Formulas Application

Most people think that you can only use Excel for businesses. Yet, there are no limitations in using this well-designed software. For example, you can manage your financial plans as a parent or make an organized list of your student’s results as a teacher. So, here is a nice list of what you can do with math formulas in Excel:

  • Manage family budget
  • Manage apps and calendars
  • Create a checklist and track projects
  • The financial calculation, loans, debts, etc.
  • Create management dashboard
  • Manage invoices and receipts

Excel Formula Tips

Before digging into the formulas, it’s necessary to be informed of signs and relevant points within the procedures. So, here are some essential tips that help you as a beginner.

  1. Enter Equal Sign =

The most important thing you should notice as a beginner is entering = (the equal sign). The equal sign is used to start the process when you work with any function or formula.

First step: Enter the Equal sign

  1. Colorful Addresses

When you enter a formula, define the addresses, and select cells, you see each one appears in a different color. This would help with better readability and quick identification among cells.

  1. Colorful Parentheses

Parentheses are critical signs in formulas. You have to use them a couple of times in only one case. For instance, when managing nested or hybrid functions, Excel defines parentheses with a different color for each function.

Attention, colorful parentheses are shown for different functions, and bright addresses are displayed for different ranges.