How To Unhide Columns In Excel

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When you’re working with large datasets, you might like to hide some columns. In some cases, you have columns with data that don’t need to be changed and are only used in calculations. In instances like this, you can hide the column for a better overall experience for the user. Or maybe, some of the columns in your sheet contain sensitive data which the user doesn’t need to interact with. We’re trying to say there are many reasons for hiding or unhiding columns.

There are different situations when dealing with hidden columns in Excel, as well. For instance:

  • More than one column is hidden, and you intend to unhide all of them at once
  • You’re looking to unhide specific columns
  • You just want to unhide the first column
  • You don’t want the users to be able to unhide columns at all

So let’s see how to unhide columns in Excel. We’re going to go through all of these cases. Sometimes we’ll offer different ways for each of them. 

Unhiding a Column in Excel

3 Steps to Unhide Columns in Excel Using Format Option

The easiest way to unhide a column in Excel is as follows:

  1. Highlight the range before and after the hidden column. For example, if column B is hidden, select columns A and C.
  2. Right-click on the selected columns and then click Unhide

How to Unhide All Columns in Excel

Regardless of how many hidden columns you have in your worksheet, Excel provides an option to unhide all of them at once. Follow these steps to unhide all columns in Excel:

  1. First, click on the triangle icon on the top-left corner of the worksheet or press Ctrl+A.
  2. Then go to the “format option” in the “Cells” tab. Then click Hide & Unhide > Unhide Columns.

Unhide All Columns Using VBA Macro

Another way for unhiding columns in Excel is by using macros.  Instead of going through all the steps and unhiding the columns, you can just add this macro to the workbook:

Sub UnhideAllColumns ()

    Cells.EntireColumn.Hidden = False


This macro will automatically unhide all the columns in the sheet.

If you’re interested in using macros for other means, you can get in touch with us for consultation.