How To Add Check Marks In Excel

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A check mark has different uses in Excel. It can be just a symbol that is inserted into a cell but doesn’t cause any action (acts as a sign), or it can be used as a box that allows you to select or deselect an option. In this post, we are going to teach you how to add check marks in Excel using different methods.

First, we’ll start with the simplest method, adding a symbol check mark.

Why Do We Need To Add Check Mark Symbols In Excel? 

Symbols are just some marks that express something without the need to use words. For example, a check mark symbol can mean Yes, and a cross symbol might mean No. Therefore, to show these meanings by symbols, you can simply add a check mark symbol in Excel. It is useful for reports and forms in which you don’t need to select an option or perform other actions.

How To Put A Check Mark In Excel (Tick Symbol)

This is the easiest method of adding a check mark in Excel. Follow the instruction below: 

  1. Select the cell where you want to put the check mark or the tick symbol. 
  2. Go to the Insert tab and click on the Symbol icon, located under the Symbols group. A dialogue box opens in which there are different symbols. 
    Steps of adding a tick symbol in Excel
    Figure 1- Steps of adding a tick symbol in Excel.
  3. Select Wingding font from the drop-down menu next to the Font label. You can also choose a tick mark from the Symbols collection of font, but the former has more options. You can find both a tick sign and a check mark in the box.
  4. Double click on the desired mark or click the Insert button. It will appear in the selected cell. 

What Is The Check Mark Keyboard Shortcut?

There is a shortcut dedicated to each symbol on Excel. Shortcuts allow you to skip the mentioned four steps, and add a check mark in Excel just by pressing on keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Select the cell where you want to put the check mark. 
  2. Choose Webdings or Wingdings2 font from the drop-down menu.
    Select the fonts which have different checkmark options.
    Figure 2- Select the fonts which have different check mark options
  3. Now for each tick or cross symbol, press the following shortcuts.