Linking Cells in Excel: Creating a Dynamic Spreadsheet

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Working with a lot of data can be a daunting task. However, knowing a few hacks and tricks can be useful for someone who is dealing with extensive data in Excel on a daily basis. One great example is how to link cells, worksheets, or workbooks in Excel. Linking in Excel will save you time and help you have more polished spreadsheets. 

There are different ways to link cells in Excel. In this tutorial, we are going to cover certain aspects of the matter, including several solutions and methods. 

The two main ways of linking cells in Excel are:

  • External reference formula (Link)
  • Excel hyperlink function

It is important to note that hyperlinks and external references are both very useful forms of linking different worksheets or workbooks; nevertheless, they have different purposes or uses. Here, we intend to focus on the external reference in more detail. 

Linking Cells Between Sheets and Workbooks in Excel: External Reference

In Excel, you can basically use an external reference formula to refer to the content of cells on a worksheet in another workbook. This is also called