Create Your Custom Excel Workbook with a Few Clicks

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Excel’s User Interface is one of those handy and easy-to-use interfaces. By spending just a few minutes, you can see this software is straightforward to work with.  That’s because Microsoft groups all functions very well. But now, you can change this grouping and customize them based on your needs. Let’s see some of the most common customizations that are made possible in Excel. 


What is Excel Ribbon?

Excel Ribbon is the technical term for a row of tabs at the top of the Formula bar.

the excel ribbon


This feature was represented in Excel 2007 and replaced Excel 2003 and earlier versions’ menus and toolbars. This feature has a bar of buttons and icons that contains commands and functions. These buttons and icons are classified into different tabs based on their properties. Clicking a tab in the tab list changes the Excel ribbon tab. 

Clicking a tab in the Excel tab list changes the ribbon tab.

How many tabs are in Excel?

Generally, we have eight tabs in Excel. You can find them in the Excel Ribbon on top of the worksheet.

 These tabs are:

  1. File
  2. Home
  3. Insert 
  4. Page layout 
  5. Formulas 
  6. Data 
  7. Review 
  8. View
the 8 Excel tabs including file home insert page layout formulas data review view


File Tab

The File tab was introduced in Excel 2010 to replace the Office button in Excel 2007. A new window opens with a navigation pane on the left as you click this tab. All the customizations we are discussing could be done through this tab.

Here, we’ll mention common options for each feature:


This feature offers you the Protect Workbook option to control the changes from your co-worker if you share the Excel file with them. According to the next image, protecting a sheet or a workbook by defining a password is very common.

excel info page including protect workbook inspect woekbook manage workbook and browser view options


Is it possible to recover an unsaved Excel file?

Software like Excel usually has an option that enables users to recover unsaved files. You can follow these steps to recover your unsaved Excel file:

  1. Go to the File tab.
  2. Click Info.
  3. Click Manage Workbook.
  4. Click Recover Unsaved Workbook.
how to recover an unsaved Excel file



For those who need predefined templates, Excel offers lots of templates. Nevertheless, you can search online for different categories you need.