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How to Export QuickBooks to Excel Automatically with a Bot

Quickbooks export to Excel is one of the main concerns of businesses that want to transfer their data to an Excel spreadsheet. Many companies in the world are using QuickBooks software to efficiently manage their accounting processes and organize finance and payroll all in one place.

One of the most important advantages of this software is its ease of use and speed of doing operations, which makes it the right choice for many businesses.

If you are using Quickbooks and Excel for accounting purposes, you may want to export lots of QuickBooks reports to Excel at a time. It is tiring to do it manually. That’s why we developed a bot to export specific QuickBooks reports automatically to Excel workbooks.

As Microsoft Excel experts and consultants, many businesses and individuals come to us and ask how they can export data from QuickBooks to Excel in a faster and more efficient way. If you have done it before, you know it’s a very time-consuming task and may encourage people to give it up.

Here is a story from our client that wanted to export data from QuickBooks to Excel, but everything didn’t proceed as expected. Let’s read how we solved the issue.

Exporting QuickBooks Reports to Excel is Time-consuming

One of our clients has been struggling with exporting Quickbooks reports to Excel. The client uses the desktop version of Quickbooks to manage their accounting data.

They have many reports on Quickbooks that want to export to Excel and perform some calculations on them and create other reports. The main problem is that exporting lots of Quickbooks reports to Excel is time-consuming.

How We Solved Exporting QuickBooks to Excel Issues?

We came up with the following solutions to solve the problem:

  • We created a bot with AutoIt tool that exports QuickBooks reports to Excel. Therefore, a bot is used to open the reports in Quickbooks one by one and export them to an Excel workbook.
  • We customized the Excel workbook to read the raw exported data from Quickbooks and generate custom reports.
  • The bot takes screenshots from the process frequently, which helps to monitor the bot actions if it exports reports accurately. If the bot fails to perform as expected, we can view the failures on the screenshots. Or through reviewing the screenshots, we can verify if the bot managed to do the process correctly.

What Reports Exported from Quickbooks to Excel?

  • Profit & Loss Pre Year Comparison
  • Balance Sheet Pre Year Comparison
  • Year to Date Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Budget Reports

What Are the Main Benefits to the Client?

  • Manually exporting reports from Quickbooks to Excel can take hours. Our solution saved hours each month in exporting reports.
  • Human error is a risk when employees perform a set of repeated tasks. But the bot in our solution follows a specified workflow, which eliminates the human error.
  • We designed customized reports for accounting purposes, which are based on the raw data exported from Quickbooks.

If you have a similar problem, please feel free to contact our Excel experts.


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